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Our environments are the outward manifestation of the inward "you." They reveal what excites and motivates us, what we delight in and what we hold dear.  Our environments have the power to heal, move us from chaos to calm and nurture us as we move through the stages and stories of our lives.

Sanctuary Living Magazine is dedicated to telling the stories of people and their places—to uncovering the best of who we are, sharing what we live and long for, and inspiring us to rewrite our own stories through the consistent pursuit of growth and transformation in all forms, big and small.

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(article #1...a sample of what's to come)

Superficial and Spirit cannot occupy the same space at one time—Janene Kraft, Founder, Sanctuary Living

Think about the last time you did something with deliberation and conviction. Was it last month or even last year? Now think about the last time you felt agitated, stressed and over stimulated. In the last twenty-four hours? In the past fifteen minutes? Isn’t it ironic that as full as our lives have become there’s a communal sensing that something’s missing? No matter what we do, it’s not enough. 

We are detached from our internal voice that is begging for self nurture, reflection and attention.  We seek validation from the external and change our minds in the face of even the smallest seduction. 

We are distracted, unable to focus and ground ourselves in the moment. Our distraction is evidenced in the way we walk—head awkwardly jutted out ahead of our bodies as if on a frantic mission to find ourselves…

and how we speak—incessant, preoccupied text-messaging acronym versions of ourselves. We have dined so long on the superficial that we don’t even know how to digest the real meal. 

As our minds are invaded with “stuff” our substance is diminishing. 

We are disconnected from those around us. Intimacy has been redefined as the distance between face and hand-held device.  As Community, we are more closed-off and internalized than ever before. Within this disconnected space we have become suspicious, envious, and intensely lonely. 

As we obsess with activities that require limited face-to-face interaction, we become increasingly HUNGRY FOR AUTHENTIC CONNECTION.  This “soul starvation” has, in tangible and insidious ways, contributed to the outbreak of chronic dis-ease.

If you sense that something is missing in your life, chances are you could be right. But searching for it from the outside will never satisfy.