Sanctuary Living empowers you to create a seamless narrative of the authentic YOU—Janene Kraft, Founder, Sanctuary Living

You have this way about you that no one else can duplicate. Let's uncover it. And share it with the world. 


Rather than approaching projects with a "one room view," Sanctuary Living is expert in Transformative Living [a whole design approach] inclusive of consultation, design, implementation, and installation, all masterfully enveloped into a thorough articulation of YOU which:  

 Uncovers the essence of person and place

Captures a sense of soul

Connects inside and outside spaces

Calibrates lifestyle parameters

Conveys an authentic narrative of the people who reside within

This breathtaking villa in Kirkland, Washington is one of our favorite examples of a Transformative Living Before and After. Our mantra?  Never say 'no' to a home with possibility. Built in the early 1900's as a lake-front getaway, the original cottage was sorely neglected and in major disrepair. Obvious concerns included a staircase leaning nearly 30 degrees, balloon construction barely supporting the second floor, copper plumbing and knob and tube electrical, and a poorly executed update of downstairs spaces. As with every home we renovate, we also encountered a few surprises along the way. Our favorite in this project was the presence of old newspapers stuffed into the walls, used as insulation. We spent many hours on the site reading the headlines from days gone by... 

Every home has  a story...let the most captivating one be yours. 


BEFORE Sanctuary Living—