This is your three days. Intimate time to get in touch with the real you. Surrounded by beauty. Nestled in the vineyards of Napa Valley. 


Turn Off Your Cell Phones    Get In Touch With You...

listen to what the mind is the thinking

understand what the body is saying

explore what the spirit is craving

uncover the disconnect

begin the transformation process...

Join Doctor Marcela Dominguez and Designer, Janene Kraft as together we:

Make the Inside Out Connection—Identifying Environment as the "fourth element” of the Body~Mind~Spirit~Environment connection, our time together will focus on what is internal and empower you to manifest your authentic self in your surroundings as an extension of who you really are.  

Integrate Health + Home—An Environmental Therapy approach to design will teach and equip you to create inspired spaces that are soothing, healing, transformative, calming, peace-makers.   

Expand the Concept of Health and Wellness—Starting where the traditional doctor’s visit leaves off,  Sanctuary Living’s transformative experience will teach, equip, and empower you to manifest what is “prescribed” within the framework of healthy,  joy-filled surroundings.  

Address Women’s Issues—Enveloped in a captivating environment and surrounded by a community of like-minded women, you are invited to join in moderated, authentic, and open discussions about the issues standing between you and your desire to uncover, heal, transform.  

Focus on Finding “Self”—A one-of-a-kind design approach embodies the mandate to “find yourself,” empowering participants to uncover their own signature character rather than a cookie cutter, brand name version of style.  

Harness Napa Valley & Nature—Taking full advantage of Napa Valley’s internationally acclaimed reputation for fresh, organic, of-the-land experiences and faire, Sanctuary Living Retreats harness the profound elemental aspects of healing.

Map Our Discovery—Immersing our intimate group in an art playground of brushes, paints, pencils, and color galore, our special guest will guide us through an inspiring process of accessing our inner artist to create an external 'mapping' of the epiphanies, inspirations, and elements of discovery born of our time together. Your personal Sanctuary Living Journal will become tangible evidence of what lies within, acting as a roadmap to help move your health+home initiatives forward.



What You Can Expect

The Sanctuary Living 'Touch' at every turn

Rustic elegant accommodations

Intimate time with Dr. Marcela Dominguez and Designer, Janene Kraft

One-on-one health+home consultations

Lively discussions during Sanctuary Sessions

An evening of wine tasting at a world class winery

A warm mimosa reception at the Farmhouse

A walk through the vineyards

Fabulous farm to table food throughout your stay

Dining inside the Napa Valley Cooking School's renowned gourmet kitchen

Shopping the Sanctuary Living collection of one-of-a-kind found objects from around the globe

(see the Registration page for detailed inclusions)

Please contact Janene Kraft at with any specific questions you may have.      

Sanctuary Living is the real YOU EXPRESSED—the unquenchable, deep-down-one-of-a-kind SELF who rejects sameness, common, cookie-cutter,  brand name, and vanilla to live a bold, interior-inspired, authentic manifestation of what resides within; a perspective, a way of being and seeing that is different from the person who lives next door or across the world. 
Now, this tranformative philosophy comes to the heart of the Napa Valley.